President - Karen
​Secretary - Cecile
​Treasurer - Matt

Members - Donna, Chelsea, Barbara, Cathy, Lynda, Beth 
​New member- Tiffany
Fall Meeting

Discussion of Nutrition workshop in October Member history/ types of goats - We need a new/revised member list sent to officers for review before sending out to all. - Cecile/Barbara/Matt Please send me a copy soon. Website introduction- It looks great and thanks to Barbara and Matt for getting things going. Have people send in their membership application to Matt not Cecile on website. Barbara- Webmaster Things to add to the website would be- Goats for sale, Upcoming offerings/workshops, Bucks available, List of Vets, Notifications / information on worming, heat schedule, etc., links to breed associations, t shirts for sale-$15.00 with picture, hay sales and vendors, meat buyers\, List of books we have for people to borrow. Members should send in pictures or information for the website. I have application digitally to link to website for downloading. No more newsletter, all promotion will be done digitally or through website and Facebook/ Barbara, Matt and Karen RIDGA will meet quarterly, sooner if /when needed, or workshop availability I'll pursue a business card for RIDGA that we all can use and hand out at events. We still have brochures available (but with wrong website. ) I'll order more t-shirts- 25 medium, 15 large. Contact will be made with Bob Cassette regarding the ADGA National Convention next October in Maine. I'll call to arrange visit at Simmons Farm for a field trip for whoever wants to take a ride. Jan/Feb Upcoming workshops- SOAPMAKING- WINTER CHEESETASTING- SPRING FIRST AID KIT DISCUSSION-KARA KNESSER-LATE WINTER- Chris will contact Kara? Matt suggested we all look into memberships to RI Farm Bureau and RI Raised Livestock. Good Benefits. Elections-Cecile said she's tired of being secretary, any takers/ and anyone can have my job! A good, festive meeting overall. Happy Holidays to all. Thanks, Karen